Association for the recycling of light metal packaging and items
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Our solution

AREME envisions a two-step solution to improve aluminium recycling:

  1. Extend the list of items allowed in the blue PMC bag and raise awareness among citizens.
  2. Send these small packaging items and assimilated objects to an appropriate recycling channel.

The only sorting centre operating in Luxembourg was modernised in 2018 and is technically ready to sort small aluminium packaging and similar objects. All that is left to do is to allow citizens to sort small aluminium packaging in the blue bag so that it reaches the sorting centre and is sent to a recycling facility!

Extend and improve communication

Improving the collection of small aluminium packaging and similar items can only be done by encouraging their separate collection by citizens with simplified and clear sorting instructions. Our proposal:

  • Extend the collection system to all packaging at the heart of our project.
  • Involve the brands of our members through a communication campaign toward their consumers concerning the new sorting instructions for small aluminium packaging.

Set up appropriate recycling infrastructure

Small aluminium packaging requires specific treatment due to its thinness: pyrolysis. This technique enables the recovery of thin aluminium material in the form of aggregates, fragments, or a powder with a significantly superior yield than both incineration and recovery in bottom ashes can provide.